General Motors планирует открыть в Ташкенте учебный центр по подготовке специалистов

Опубликовано Nigora Tursunova 17.02.2009

000000001608.jpgАмериканская корпорация General Motors намерена открыть в Ташкенте учебный центр по подготовке специалистов для нового строящегося завода по производству двигателей GM. Об этом заявил на встрече в американском посольстве вице-президент GM Powertrain Europe Майк Аркамоне. Читать полностью »

Ten education reforms to improve social mobility

Опубликовано Раъно Хужаева 30.12.2008

Starting early, opening up the elite schools and rewarding the best teachers are just some of the ways to improve social mobility.
1. More money for early years
Few would now question the benefits of support during the pre-school years, particularly for disadvantaged children.

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Олимпиада в Интернете

Опубликовано Feruza Xodjayeva 12.12.2008

Впервые в Узбекистане состоится заочная олимпиада по физике, математике, информатике, химии и основам экономических знаний с использованием IT-технологий для школьников.
Планируется, что проводиться она будет в III и IV четвертях текущего учебного года. Подготовкой мероприятия заняты республиканские центры образования и развития мультимедийных общеобразовательных программ Министерства народного образования. Читать полностью »

Pre-Nursery, Preschool, Kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Опубликовано Марат Бахтияров 27.04.2008

kinder_brick.jpgWe are a well known franchised Kindergarten from Singapore. We provide a balanced, comprehensive and stimulating preschool curriculum to develop your child’s potential and to ensure success in school. At Kinderland, your child will have a quality day everyday.

Kinderland Educare Services is committed to providing quality preschool and child care education through the expertise and dedication of professionals in curriculum research and development, teacher training and its strong affiliation with renowned international universi

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International School in Malaysia – Melaka British Curriculum Programmes

Опубликовано Марат Бахтияров 27.04.2008

melaka_international_school.gifMIS school is located in Melaka, Malaysia. The state of Melaka would be ideal for students as costs are relatively lower, conducive study atmosphere without the distractions of big cities, opportunities to pursue academic, sports, clubs/societies and co-curricular activities allowing for the interaction of students, staff and families.

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Issues in Malaysian Education

Опубликовано Марат Бахтияров 27.04.2008

Language issues

The issue of language and schools is a key issue for many political groups in Malaysia. UMNO championed the cause of Malay usage in schools but private schools using the Chinese and Tamil language are allowed. Up until 1981 in Peninsular Malaysia (and some years later in Sarawak), there were also English-medium schools, set up by Christian missions. However, following the severe race riots in Kuala Lumpur in May 1969, English-medium schools were phased out from January 1970, so that by 1982 these became Malay-medium schools (‘national schools’). Читать полностью »

Types of Schools in Malaysia

Опубликовано Марат Бахтияров 27.04.2008

These are the different types of schools in Malaysia and their naming conventions.National Schools (Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) for primary schools, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) for secondary schools) Malay-medium schools where mother tongues are usually not taught. Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan, acronym SRK is used for certain national type primary schools.National Type/Charter Secondary/High Schools Читать полностью »

Education in Malaysia

Опубликовано Марат Бахтияров 27.04.2008

4186jvn7cfl_ss260_.jpgEducation in Malaysia may be obtained from government-sponsored schools, private schools, or through homeschooling. The education system is highly centralised, particularly for primary and secondary schools, with state and local governments having little say in the curriculum or other major aspects of education. Standardised tests are a common feature, as in other Asian countries such as Singapore and China, which attain to high number of school dropouts. Читать полностью »